Puzzle Pieces

by Brissey

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Michael Hurtado This AWSOME! Mind bottling that is was recorded in your garage, sounds so good!
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Recorded in Harley's garage through June to September, 2015. Tascam 38 straight to tape. good times and we are pleased to release it to you. dig and thanks.


released September 25, 2015

cover art by: Andrew Harley, Anthony Masino, Alec Kersenboom, Megan Heutmaker



all rights reserved


Brissey Los Angeles, California

Brissey is...

Alec Kersenboom

Trevor Ramirez

Anthony Masino

Andrew Harley

We are a 4-piece rock band from the beach cities of Los Angeles.
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Track Name: 2,000 Puzzle Pieces
Words scattered all along the truth
If I wasn't so mistaken, I'd speak in words of proof
But none of those can compete with you

And time flattened me into a deal
Oh, release the old-school fashion and let my spirit heal
'Cause only I know what it is to feel.
Track Name: Mighty Girl
Mighty, Mighty girl
do you know who i am
yea mighty girl
would you call me your friend

Holy religious joker,
act funny for your kings
hey joker
angels need wings

are you getting some
i would love to know
your freedom, tell me mama, is that so

I, I'd love to satisfy
but baby it aint worth my time
because I'm genuine, and also kind

Mighty girl, yea mighty girl
i know who you are.
you're mighty girl
show me how far

Track Name: In The Long Run
I've got such love to give
Some might take it and some might not
But in the long run, it's all I've got
Days come and wake my eyes
I get out of bed and I waste my time
But in the long run, it all goes by
No need to help me out
On what my friends and lovers might think about
'Cause in the long run, I have no doubts

And here I stand with this indecision
As it conquers in my mind
And no one helps me, and no one bothers
Because they haven't got the time
But I can't blame them, I just can't shame them
Because they're only steps behind
But in the long run, we'll cross that line

I've got such love to give
Some might take it and some might not
But in the long run, it's all I've got
Yes, in the long run, it's all I've got.
Track Name: Blondie
I may come down
climb off my high
I have come around
back to my pride
Pride and joy
takes me there.
if i don't mind
then she don't care.

you and I, me and mine,
touched my soul, turned to gold

If you wanna play
then you gotta lay 'em down
would you try to race me
race me to the ground
I bet you would if i was going
but you know where I'm found
in your head, in your head

Blue and white, Blondie, alright
touched my soul, once again...

this time around
try to take care
for if I'm let down,
this time around
i might lose control
but ill never lose my soul
you come and go
you come and go
Track Name: Midnight and My Mind
The trees decide for silence
The pavement starts to grow
And in my heart I feel it
It's just that girl at home
And if you wanna meet her
She's not that hard to find
She lives inside the echoes
Of midnight and my mind

And I've been trying to prove it
There's nothing left to owe
So I've been learning nothing
Except the things I know

And if you're gonna love her
I hope she finds a home
And though it's hard to swallow
Just don't leave her alone
For if I need to see her
Smiling to the shine
Yes I can always find her
At midnight and my mind.
Track Name: Mi Sueño
mi amor
te extraño
y precioso carazon
angel bonita
pienso en ti
pienso el amor
yo siento dolor
amare todavia

ella dijo, my love i must go
me recuerda... me amor?

tu me has olvidado
encontrado otra
ahora me voy a morir

ella dijo, my love i must go
me recuerda...me amor
Track Name: You Gotta Laugh About It
Detached and bored
Falsely adored
Somewhat ignored
But babe, I'm still not at the Lord
Somedays it's rain
Somedays just wet
Some things recall
But baby, others just forget
There's no way all can be kept
In a place right in front of you
And I know it don't seem evident
But baby, all you can do is smile.
Track Name: Saving Myself
all i mean
all that i mean
all i really want to say
thats the way

all i pray
all that i pray
are there really some to doubt
must be the mouth piece, for the world

As you please, you come easily.

Am i free
am i really and finally free
now i may be a quick one to judge,
but not hold a grudge

I don't need nothing tearing me down.

How i feel
Oh you know what i feel
you're a quick one to make up your mind
best of times
Track Name: Flowers for Charlie
It ain't good for me
What you couldn't be
Now that you've got someone to deserve
What you gonna be?
If not a waste of me
How will you have something to preserve?

Flowers for Charlie

I can't take the spot
Of your crooked thought
Now that you've said something you have heard
Do you feel set free?
Or do you need to leave?
Now that you've been somewhere with a nerve

Flowers for Charlie.